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  • Nish

    if you are looking for translation of software than please have a look following links

  • wocamp

    Hi there,

    there are a few problem that came up.

    on home page, when we click on HELP, the browser shows nothing and the address is http://localhost/Fund_full/help. And when we click on "contact us", it goes to

    How can we implement these two?


  • Nish



    You will never able to run this script on localhost because our script comes with one default domain license and will not allowed you to run script on localhost. Please installed script in subfolder of domain like your or or any other name it will run


    for other issue. Please have a look this 


    1) Administrator Side -> Content Pages-> Pages Module
    a) Open "Contact Us" Page by clicking on the Edit Link 
    change the External Link    from  ""   to    "http://domain_name/home/contact_us"
    b) Open "Guidelines" Page by clicking on the Edit Link 
    change the External Link    from  "http://localhost/Fund_full/help/guidelines"   to    "http://domain_name/help/guidelines"

    c) Open "Help" Page by clicking on the Edit Link 
    change the External Link    from  "http://localhost/Fund_full/help"   to    "http://domain_name/help"
    2) Cron Job set in the CPanel
    a) Common Setting : Every 15 minutes 
    Command :  curl -s -o /dev/null http://domain_name/newsletter_cron/send
    b)  Common Setting : Every 5 minutes 
    Command : curl -s -o /dev/null http://domain_name/project_finish
    c)  Common Setting : Every 1 hour 
    Command : curl -s -o /dev/null http://domain_name/cron/allow_block_ip
    d)  Common Setting : Every 1 minutes 
    Command : curl -s -o /dev/null http://domain_name/cron/cron_preapprove



  • wocamp

    Hi there,


    I am having a hard time to get the website showing Chinese characters . And also I cannot sign up by typing in Chinese.

    I've already add language package and did the following steps:

    english  --> chinese_simplified









    utf8_general_ci --> utf8_chinese_ci






    It seems to me the reason is that something is locked in the model or controller files. 

    Please let me know how to fix this.

    Thank you!


  • Poli Bou

    We just installed the script.  But on the user front end, every link just refreshes the homepage.  Any idea why?  The admin backend works fine.

    Also are there any config files we need to edit?  I see a config.php in the root directory and went ahead and added my domain and server script  path but it didn't seem to have any effect.



  • CJ Cornell

    I tried asking this question elsewhere but have not seen an answer so I will ask it here:

    Regarding the payment system - on the customer side.  With Paypal or Amazon - does the user have to use the "wallet" approach (of filling the wallet before they make a donation) or can they merely click to donate and then be directed to the paypal payment process?

  • Nish

    You have three option :

    1. Wallet feature
    2. Amazon payment gateway
    3. Paypal adpative payment gateway
    You can keep any one "ACTIVE" and other "DE-ACTIVE", In short, You have three option and you can use any one option only. Wallet for those people who want keep 100% control on fund part. In wallet user can add fund from any integrated payment gateway  and default paypal is integrated already.

    For Amazon stop provide feature for now 


    Still having question ? Please create support ticket.



  • CJ Cornell

    Again the use of the English language here makes the answer confusing.   "You can keep any one 'Active'" ....  ??   If I want to offer the user a choice between Paypal, Amazon and WePay ... can I have all 3 active as a choice?   (I don't want to set them all up to find out the answer is no).     I think I understand that if the Wallet is turned on, then all users mist use the wallet option, right?

  • CJ Cornell

    separately (but related) your response starts out with "you have three options" ...   but if I wanted to add another payment system  (like WePay - similar to Paypal) then I can add this and have more payment options for the user.

    And I am not going to submit support tickets for these questions!!!   No customer should.  These are questions that affect all new platform users, and if they are answered privately then it doesn't help the rest of us  (and besides - answering questions like this is why companies have FAQs, Documentation or use ZenDesk!).


  • Nish

    You need programming integration to add another payment gateway. Each payment gateway have their own way to manage funding and other part.. As you wish ..

  • Nish

    For PayPal Account setting :  "PayPal adaptive account setting "

    Some client have  donation button problem.Are you not able to see donation button on project creator page ? If Yes,  please make sure user setup their PayPal account correctly. Without Paypal configuration in user account donation button will not appear .

    All project creator must required Paypal account setting. Without it it donation button will not show on project creator page

    There is no relation between Payment gateway and donation button.

  • Tony Reynolds

    Changing the footer? Also, I want to include Google this located in the Application/Views folder?


  • Nish

    all design or font side parts in View Folder

  • Nish

    Here is some trouble shooting help.

    • Donation button are not visible on project page if account did not configure account detail
    • Please make sure UR_PROTOCOL is enable on server for facebook and twitter login else it will give error..
    • Please keep one payment gateway ON at one time if you have more then one payment gateway active then it will not work. 
  • Tony Reynolds

    VIDEO: I am trying to upload a video, because my customer is having a problem. The video will not upload. When I hit UPDATE, I just keep getting the message, Video is Required. I have tried uploading mp4 and mov files and both failed.

  • Nish

    Tony : as per previous discussion on other forum part. Please create support ticket.

  • Tony Reynolds

    Thanks Nish

  • Fabien Herisson

    Hi everybody,


    Is someone already translate the script in French ?

  • Nish

    Yes. Already available. You should contact help desk for this. They will help you out.

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