Paypal Sandbox Testing




  • Nish

    For PayPal Account setting :  "PayPal adaptive account setting "

    Some client have  donation button problem.Are you not able to see donation button on project creator page ? If Yes,  please make sure user setup their PayPal account correctly. Without Paypal configuration in user account donation button will not appear .

    All project creator must required Paypal account setting. Without it it donation button will not show on project creator page

    There is no relation between Payment gateway and donation button.

  • John

    Nish, is the Admin account the "master" sandbox account that receives the sandbox API?

    The project creator and donor account only have email fields. There is no specific field for paypal account settings. Is there supposed to be or does the script just assume email = paypal?

    "All project creator must required Paypal account setting"    I don't see where to set this option?

  • John

    Nish, please delete the above comment. My installation was missing the Adaptive PayPal gateway module so I had trouble understanding this page. I figured everything out now. 

  • Nish



    You can create support ticket and take appointment for live chat and get done everything easily.



  • Don

    How long does it generally take to get approved through   The process is going on almost 30 days now. 

  • Nish

    Please contact them or call them. It will not take more then 30 days if everything done correctly. Please submit your business paper too

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