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  • CJ Cornell

    Minor ...

    but in the dropdown for Time Zone (at least in the admin panel) - there is NO Timezone entry for USA - Arizona  time.    In the US, Arizona is a separate time zone.   Many many other sites and widgets have this option - though I have seen other sites omit Arizona by mistake.

  • Nish

    Please send bug report to support team and also add your Server detail. They will fix it



  • CJ Cornell


    (for Bug report) - for the contact form (and other email forms) - VALIDATION is incorrect for the "Name" field.   People type in their FirstName Lastname .... so SPACES MUST be allowed.  Also in many countries, like the US, many many people use HYPHENations in their names.  For instance, my full name is Christopher-John Cornell ....   but often I will abbreviate my name to C.J. Cornell  ...

    so the VALIDATION must be changed to allow for SPACES, HYPHENS and PERIODS.

  • Tony Reynolds

    Yea life on this planet. I'm new to the script, somewhat B+ level former web developer, in a past life. I think the script so far is working pretty well.

  • Nish


    We create one support ticket for communication with you .Please response that support ticket and get all the updated patches.

  • CJ Cornell

    Bug/Error:  TWITTER Authentication


    Not sure if this is partially due to a setup issue (but all the credentials seem to be correct)

    User clicks on the twitter icon (next to the signin) 

    Error message (a twitter screen)


    Whoa there!

    There is no request token for this page. That's the special key we need from applications asking to use your Twitter account. Please go back to the site or application that sent you here and try again; it was probably just a mistake.

  • Nish


    Please see this link : https://fundraising.zendesk.com/entries/21026323-facebook-configuration , read first requirement URI_PROTOCOL which is required on server seem like it is not enable on server. Please contact to hosting company. if it enable then please provide me 

    • Facebook Application ID
    • Facebook Application Key
    • Facebook Application Secret Key
    • Last Facebook profile link
    In support ticket because if you paste here then some one can use it or may be blocked.

    Twitter Configuration : 

    You must required following thing to complete configuration of twitter application

    • Username
    • Consumer Key
    • Consumer secret key
    I need above thing for twttier account in support ticket and also provide hosting detail. If something wrong then developer will correct it and give you detail reason for this message.
  • Nish

    We clearly mention  on server requirement. You must required configured server to run script. You don't need to do anything , just  request your hosting company to enable on your server.  THIS IS SERVER REQUIREMENT , IT CAN NOT TREAT AS BUG. 

  • Dharmesh Patel

    Hello Sir,


    You can create a support ticket for any kind of supoort for your site at - https://fundraising.zendesk.com/tickets/new

    or you can create request at - https://fundraising.zendesk.com/anonymous_requests/new

    Provide detailed description about your issue in ticket, we will solve it asap.


    Thank You.


  • Tony Reynolds

    VIDEO disappeared from the project. This project has been listed an on the page, but somehow, the video, WHICH IS A YOUTUBE link, disappeared from the project.



  • Nish



    Please create support ticket and provide detail description with server detail. I will make sure some one look and fixed for you

  • Dharmesh Patel

    Hello Sir,

    See this link - http://www.akickincrowd.com/projects/testing-video-project1/291

    I have posted this project with YOUTUBE link, and it is working perfectly. Please check the video URL  you have entered and try again.

    And if you still have a problem please generate a support ticket, I will look  at the issue.


    Thank You.



  • Tony Reynolds

    Thanks @Anita for looking into this. I will do as instructed and file a New Ticket Request.

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