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  • Don

    There is something I do not understand about the pre-approval process.  You make it sound like a person could raise $5000 or even more on a $3000 goal project and that it will just keep running until the time frame runs out.  Then it will pay them ONLY if they meet the goal.

    Well we tested this out using sandbox and even if our projects had as many as 38 days left to go, if you crossed the goal, it would close and inactivate the project.  Why is this?  I thought regardless of which type of funding you chose, the project would still run for the set number of days.

    There seems to be no rhyme or reason behind what is cutting it off too.  For example. 

    Our hamster project had a goal of $300 and it shut it down at $522.50 raised with 38 days to go

    Our dog surgery which had a $1000 goal cut off at $1287.25

    Yet the cat project, which only wanted to raise $700 as the goal, went clear up to $1900 and then shut down.


    What is the factor (using pre-approval method) that determines the project shut off time, because it does NOT stay open until the project's ending and this is very confusing.

  • Don

    Also am I to understand that we as admin, can only choose one payment method to operate under?   We have to either do instant payments OR pre-approval, but there is no way to do both, correct?  For instance, on Indiegogo, the project creator can choose fixed or flexible funding.  On this script, I see no choice for the project creator as they set up projects.  It appears we as admin have to choose to do one or the other.

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