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  • Nish

    1. What is transaction reports under the my account link, what does it do?
    ==== Tracking transaction of each user
    2. What is recent withdrawals under the my account link, what does it do?

    === provide alert to admin that this user request for withdrawn and admin will manage that withdrawn manually
    3. What is incoming pledges?
    === For example one project of $100 and now there are 5 user who pay total $50 to project creator..project creator can see this incoming pledge in account..he will only withdrawn money if project goal achieved else pledge amount will be reverse to the donor account. All donor can cancel the pledge amount within project duration once project is success then project creator only can cancel the transaction  
    " Other word pledge is incoming escrow which release on achieved target else it will return to the donor"

    4. In the update section can the project creator add files, links, or videos?
    === Yes 

    5. Once the project is fully funded, how are the users who contributed
    funds to the project informed?
    === once fully funded money goes to project creator and user will will get contribution as per project creator promise..they are their own indiviual communication we are not responsible for that

    6. If even after project time expiry the project isnt fully funded,
    how are the user who contributed to the project informed ?
    ===== Pledge amount will back to the donor(who paid this money) 
    7. What information does the project creator get about the users who
    contributed to the project - ie username, email address, etc.?

    ===== Username / email address/ money for which contribution.
    8. Can a project creator change the funding goal after project is
    launched on the website?

    ==== No...
    9. Can a project creator change the perks after project is launched on
    the website?

    ==== No but he can add
    10. Can a project creator change the project time limit after project
    is launched on the website?

    ==== No
    11. After project is successful, how will the project creator know
    about the address etc. of the users which he needs to send perks?
    ==== Yes..he can get information from release pledge 

    12. What happens after project timeline is over, are projects still
    kept on the website? If so, are both successful and unsuccessful
    projects kept on the website?

    ====== that's one client requirement..some client like to show sucessfully project...unsucessfully project might be not there but once time pass..user will not able to donation or pledge money
    13. During project creation phase, the user can upload documents such
    as business case etc. Where are these displayed - are these displayed
    in the gallery?
    ==== yes... 

    14. How does the share feature work? I see lot of social media options
    (16) for share, so how will all of them work. I think we only have
    sign in for facebook and twitter?
    ==== Yes..
    15. What is add wallet, my withdrawal, and withdrawal amount under the
    wallet option?
    === user can add money from payment gateway and same send request of withdrawn to admin ..wallet is for internal transaction
    16. Once a user pledges an amount for a project, can he cancel the pledge ?
    ==== Yes..within duration..once project success then project creator can do only 
    17. Can a user change the pledge amount for a project?
    ==== No 

    18. Can a user pledge more than once for a project?
    === Yes of course. 
    20. What happens if a user forgets his password. Are there any
    security questions?
    ===== No security goes to his email account
    21. Can the project creator delete comments posted by the users?
    -==== Yes..
    22. Can the admin / moderator delete comments or updates posted by the
    project creators and users?

    ==== Yes

  • Tony Reynolds
    The Wallet seems to be confusing some of my would be donors. Is there a way to turn it off And let my customers donate witout it?
  • Dharmesh Patel

    Hello Sir,

    You can use Adaptive PayPal system instead of wallet. For that you must have PayPal business account and PayPal Application ID.

    Please go through below links for more details :





    Thank You.


  • Tony Reynolds

    Thanks Anita, my system does not have that option included in the video I can send you a screen print?

  • Tony Reynolds

    I mean I do not have the Adaptive PayPal system as a choice.

  • Nish

    Yes !!!  Create ticket

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